Product Details

BSTSTRAP's 9MM Baler Strapping Banding has excellent tensile strength and can handle various heavyweight cargoes with ease. The high strength properties of Vertical Cardboard Balers Strapping make the strapping less likely to break when under heavy pressure, effectively preventing the goods from shifting and scattering during transportation. In addition, the durability of Baler Press Strapping means it can maintain good performance after multiple uses, reducing the frequency of replacement and reducing long-term costs.

Baler Strapping BandingBaler Machine Tape


Product Specifications

Product Category


Band Width


Meters per Roll


Rolls per Box


Rolls per Pallet


Breaking Strength +/-5%


Core Ø


Box Size (L x W x H mm)

520 x 255 x 145 mm

Pallet Size (W x L mm)

800 x 1100 mm


Product Advantages

m High strength and durability

m High temperature resistance

m low temperature resistance

m Factory direct sales, low cost

m Soft material, high safety

m Environmentally friendly

m Easy to use and widely applicable

Baler Strapping BandingVertical Cardboard Baler


Product Applications

BSTSTRAP's 9MM Polyester Baler Strapping is often used in the logistics and transportation industry to secure and strap goods to ensure the safe transportation of goods. Baler Machine Tape is able to withstand large tension and pressure and is not easy to break or loosen, thus reducing the risk of cargo being displaced or damaged during transportation.

Baler Press StrappingPolyester Baler Tape