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9MM Baler Strapping Banding

2024/1/30 14:43:50

BSTSTRAP's 9MM Baler Strapping Banding has excellent tensile strength and can handle various heavyweight cargoes with ease.

Cardboard Balers and Baler Straps

2024/1/27 10:00:12

BSTSTRAP, a leader in the waste management industry, offers a comprehensive solution for cardboard waste processing with their high-performance cardboard balers and baler straps. These products are designed to work in perfect harmony, providing businesses with a seamless and efficient way to manage and recycle their cardboard waste.

Páska PES 16 mm

2024/1/18 13:53:42

Textilní polyesterová vázací páska (PES) o šíři 16 mm, dutinka 60 mm, návin 850 m, HM lepená.

PES textilní páska lepená - šíře 16 mm, návin 850 m

2024/1/17 14:52:27

Vázací páska PES je textilní polyesterová páska lepená. Textilní pásky jsou bílé, ideální pro náklad, který je při přepravě vystaven mechanickému namáhání.

7MM Baler Strapping Banding 500 Meter

2024/1/8 8:50:35

BSTSTRAP's 7MM Baler Strapping Banding,designed for carton packaging,Polyester Baler Press Strapping has a strong adhesive,is stretch-resistant,weather-resistant,and adapts to a variety of environments


BSTSTRAP cooperates with customers to provide suggestions and solutions that can meet global transportation needs, whether it is to transport dynamic goods, hazardous chemicals or fragile crafts.Our powerful product suite also includes world-class advice, quality training, application expertise and legal insights.